There may be many reasons to consider whether to go to psychotherapy.

Perhaps you are in a crisis caused by divorce or illness or you have experienced other loss and sorrow. You may also feel like you are somewhere in your life where you do not feel at home in yourself and generally feel a longing for something "undefined and meaningful." You may be stressed, have anxiety or are depressed. But you may also just want to look inside and understand why specific patterns repeat in your life. The desire for psychotherapy can arise throughout life and make sense of all ages.

A course in jungian psychotherapy gives you self-awareness and understanding of who you are and in the interaction between you and your surroundings. An increased awareness of yourself and your relationships will change and develop new opportunities for yourself and in relation to your surroundings.
I offer jungian psychotherapy based on your current needs.

I can help you with:

  • Anxiety, grief, stress and loss
  • Experiences of meaninglessness
  • Communication, conflicts and borders
  • Rejection and acceptance, relationships and contact
  • Healing of childhood trauma

You get better at:

  • Accept yourself and others
  • Set, preserve and change boundaries
  • Create meaning and take care of your own needs
  • Utilize your own skills and resources 
  • Find back to your own peace and joy of life
  • Make peace with what is